Lend A Hand

Concept / UX / Web development


About the project

Together with Louise Vanhoucke I created 'Lend A Hand' as a graduation project during my last year in Devine. The project was commissioned by a real client: D4E1 (Design For Every(one)). The client needed a (prototype) platform where makers, occupational therapists and people with disabilities can connect and team up to create DIY assistive technologies. After intensive research we came up with the idea to help people find the right persons and/or advise, by matching them according to different criteria. Besides finding the right match, it's also possible to ask questions on the platform, connect with people as well as to post and fully document DIY projects. Louise was in charge for the design, while I worked on the wireframes, UX and development. It was a very enjoyable and instructive experience!

Check out the website


School task @Devine + DE41

Tools & technologies

  • Sketch
  • React.js
  • MobX
  • Google Firebase SKD (Realtime Database/ Storage / Authentication)
  • InDesign


  • web
Some screenshots of the website
Some screenshots of the website
Some screenshots of the website
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